Picture Cars


For the Film Industry

Our picture car collection dates from the 1920s to present. Many of the classic cars would have to be transported to your film location. A few of our more current picture cars can be driven. I can make arrangement for delivery of the classics. All of the cars run, but if you are looking to rent them for an extended period for a film, we would prefer that you have a mechanic on site. Full payment and a certificate of full coverage insurance naming the car owner as additional insured would be required prior to the start of the rental period. These vehicles are only available for rental by the production industry, for filming purpose. If you would like more specific information about a particular car, please feel free to contact me at 678-410-4890.

  • Use the search box to list only cars that you’re interested in. For example, searching for “7” will list all cars with the number 7 in the title.
  • To see more info about each vehicle, click the image and then click the “i”

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